No Need to Run: Thorsmork, Iceland

No Need to Run: Thorsmork, Iceland


No Need to Run, Thorsmork, Iceland

I arrived in the Thorsmork area one day after landing in Iceland and was eager to start exploring.  The plan was to do a circular walk up and over this mountain but I was completely overwhelmed by the scenery near the top of the mountain and I had found a small cave tucked into a cliff just behind where the image was captured.  A major storm front was forecast to move through overnight but the cave was around five metres long and one metre high so i knew if was long enough and small enough to provide adequate protection.  I was carrying all my camping gear and food for the next four days so decided to bivi in the cave overnight.

Torrential rain and gale force winds came through overnight.  I was peering out of the cave in amazement trying not to let my mind run away into irrational thoughts of being stuck in there for days, running out of water or losing my gear to the storm.  I got about two hours of broken sleep that night but what an amazing experience to feel the raw energy of nature and I realised all we really need is food, water, warmth and some shelter.  When I got back down the mountain the next day the storm had blown over a trailed and smashed the windows of vehicles and the campers hut in the base of the valley.

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