Symbiosis (portrait)


Blue Mountains Canyon

Even the best photographs cannot capture the true nature of this place and the bombardment of your senses as you travel through this Blue Mountains canyon - the changes from peaceful silence to what sounds like a raging torrent created by the sound of the smallest waterfall reverberating off the canyon walls, the transition from bright open sections to dark tunnels with only the light from glow worms piercing the darkness, the swirls of moisture as you breathe out into rays of sunlight piercing through the canopy above, the slowly rising steam off your warming wetsuit and the beads of water dripping off the canyon walls. All of this is exacerbated ten-fold when you’re hyper-sensitive due to the potential for snakes hiding in the rocks beneath your feet. The slightest scurry or movement in the corner of your eye stops you in your tracks until you realise it’s just a goanna or yabby.

I can only imagine the range of emotions the first explorers must have experienced passing through this canyon in the 1960s. The canyon would have been very similar to today but they would not have known whether there were impenetrable obstructions or sudden drops with no natural boulders or logs to fix their ropes to. Once you have started going down these canyons, often the only way is down until the canyon opens out.

This is a four-exposure photo to accurately capture the huge dynamic range (difference between the lightest and darkest areas of the scene) and to ensure foreground to background focus. Shot with a Sony A7R with Sony-Zeiss 16-35mm f4 lens @ 16mm and f/8, 1/3 - 1/25s, ISO100-200

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